Media Links showing all the different roles Nicki undertakes to inspire you:

Example of Nicki's Work as Motivational Speaker at a Primary School- as  'RoboCop'.

To have a flexible role where Nicki can tailor her talks to all ages and different environments makes it more worthwhile  for everyone to see and be involved with Nicki's journey. It is a great opportunity to learn from her in many different ways of working and adapting from her wheelchair and robotic legs life.

Nicki added,

" I am blessed to work with children. Our young generation are our future leaders and role models. There are yearning to learn and adapt. To see the incredible eagerness to want to spend time and actively join in with me in lessons  proves to me these children need Real Role Models now to carve their path with a greater understanding of life choices, positive education and  creative attitudes."


​​Motivational Keynote Speaker / Accessibility & Disability Consultant

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