​​Motivational Keynote Speaker / Accessibility & Disability Consultant

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Is your company in need of consulting when it comes to finding out making a product or room or department wheelchair accessible? Do you need training in disability communication awareness training and prevent significant customer complaints when it it comes to booking me for your staff training days? contact and find out more.....

Watch this space!! For years i have struggled with holding back my inner thoughts when i leave my home i see and go through the barriers of accessibility when i stay in hotels,go to shops,visit places with my family, go out for meals. It should be easy for every human being to enjoy their quality of life freely without restrictions but for me it is not the case. For many people who are wheelchair users see their wheelchairs as their legs and the freedom to move but when there are barriers such as no accessible ramps,blocked dropped down kerbs, no changing rooms in stores,no wheelchair access toilets and the list goes on. On this page you will see posts about my Reviews on places i visit and use as well as how i help advise companies to improve and make the changes needs for accessibility and better communications with staff and employees on disability.