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Nicki Donnelly age 35 years,(born 20 November 1982) served as a West Midlands Police Officer for nearly ten years right after her 18th birthday. She was training within the Specialised Firearms Department when she was involved in a road traffic collision. In 2009 Nicki was severely assaulted on duty and on a separate incident was hit by speeding car and she was subsequently attacked. Nicki sustained a host of injuries that led to two years living in brain and spinal injuries specialist hospitals  away from her daughter. Nicki fractured her shoulder,eye socket, collar bone, suffered a broken back, hip, pelvic ,fractured wrist and jaw. Nicki was unable to communicate as her speech muscles were damaged and her arms were fractured. She also lost her hair,her body wasted away.

Nicki also has brain damage. Over time following the accident, treatments weren’t working and rehabilitation in hospital was proving unsuccessful and required receiving fulltime care to be fed, washed, dressed and bladder and bowl management. Medical professionals had informed  Nicki and her family that Nicki’s body had literally was wasting away and the likelihood of surviving was slim. Nicki nearly died when her daughter reminded her mum that her love and  bond was and is powerful and nothing would change her mum being her mum .  Ultimately Nicki was left her paralyzed from the chest down and limited her function in her fingers and hands with t4 complete.  Following the incident, she was retired from the West Midlands Police force with six bravery commendations and received a medal of exemplary bravery for having served her country . 


Nicki successfully completed her education despite being dyslexic and was born with a genetic condition, degenerative bone and Joint disease. Nicki’s battle to fight to survive had already begun from childhood. Having no role models she learnt to become her own role model in order to be who she is now. Believing in herself she was and is qualified in:  

Child Psychology degree, CBT Therapist  degree, Teaching Assistant Level 2 and 3, SEN TA level 3, Fitness and Nutrition Trainer level 4 and with her extensive skills and experiences from her a police Background of Family and Child Profiler and Interviewer, Investigator ,Vulnerable children and Adults officer, School Liaison  Officer, Self Defence and Weapons Handling, Effective communication and body language training, First aider and defibrillator training, Search and Reassure,  expert Witness for Court Proceedings , Translator for terrorism Unit, Police Driver , Supervision Training, Tactical Training. These are some of Nicki’s skills and training that has defined her  along with her integrity and reputation to be Exemplary Role Model.  

Nicki’s dream career was as a Police Officer. Her Police Identity was hard to let go when she had no choice but to be told she was medically discharged from the police force. Nicki had struggled even with records of successful convictions and 6 bravery commendations throughout her Police Service where she put her own live in danger to save and help victims . These awards are given to show recognition to officers who go above and beyond their normal duties with  limited resources and information given at that time to make split second decisions. .  


Tired of being treated irrelevant and insignificant, being turned down at interviews because she was over qualified or they  couldn’t accommodate 'disabled person or wheelchair'. Nicki soon learnt she had to start her own campaigning business in order to keep working.  Nicki started gathering thousands of supporters across her social media  where she shared her journey for her fight to  and accepted a  mother with disabilities can be a role model. She began fighting for her disability rights and freedom of speech for society to make the changes  to include people with disabilities. Nicki became  one of the influential voices for 13.5 million people with disabilities in the UK. Nicki used her Police identity as her Strength to remind herself she was and is capable being more than what society see her as, a barrier. Nicki’s story started generating interest in local papers, tv stations such as ITV Lorraine, This Morning, Channel 5, BBC1 and public figures. 


Nicki went back into her fitness training to maintain her quality of life but also found motivation in herself to find ways on how to help others to get fit and healthy by training herself and sharing her adaptive training on her social media. It wasn’t easy because she used a gym that wasn’t wheelchair friendly so she had to adapt. She soon became a valuable asset for the local Gym. Nicki is a independent swimmer something she longed for and the training paid of for Nicki to become a confident swimmer with her daughter.


 Nicki shares her wheelchair workout tips on her successful  YOU TUBEchannel: 


Nicki also started modelling to raise awareness for disabilities and diversities because she saw  first hand the difficulties of fashion industries attitudes towards people like herself.  She found she was not represented in true light and decided to do modelling as a way to be taken seriously.  This is something she still does and works as a freelance Model often booked by high profile clients  which can be seen on her sites. 


Nicki was also as wheelchair racer in the iconic Paralympic YES I can commercial on channel 4. Unfortunately Nicki was no longer able to complete professionally due to a life threatening condition. This didn’t Stop Nicki pursuing her list of possibilities. This is another great example of her Inspirational Talks she gives out about, " FAILURE is not a WEAKNESS but a process you tried and now you can to learn from to explore your potential for more greatness....". - NICKIS OWN WORDS. 


 Today, Nicki works tirelessly fundraising to promote a positive image and raise awareness of spinal cord injury. She also works on several initiatives for disabled people. Nicki supports for many organisations including Disabled Police Association, Police Federation, Models of Diversity, Spinal Injuries Association and HMSA/EDS which is personal to her daughters disabilities.



Nicki remains grounded and still makes time as a practicing Catholic to attend church and volunteer her time to commit to the Choir and as Religious Studies Teacher teaching Sunday Liturgy to the children  of the Parish and School now takes pride in her main role as a motivational speaker, inspired by her personal story. 


Just as Nicki started her new journey in 2016 she put the ReWalk technology first above everything else.  What the public didn’t see was the hard work and side effects it took for Nicki to make the Technology work to the best of her  physical and mental abilities. Nicki become the face for UK ReWalk, a reputable Ambassador. Unfortunately  Nicki is no longer working with Rewalk. She is unable to use the robotic machine due to life threatening condition where her heart can suddenly stop from standing. Bravely, the technology was donated to another paraplegic to enable them to walk again with their family. She continues to share her emotional and painful  journey in her talks as a way to  educate and inspire others of how powerful human minds can be than relying on technology. Nicki uses her my self-healing approach to talk to different audiences and give listeners tools to expand their minds and strength their own beliefs of possibilities are endless.    

Nicki is now recognised as an “Inspirational Role model”, a title that was awarded to her by the Birmingham Lord Mayor. Kevin Spacey also recognised Donnelly as an “Influential key note speaker with a story to tell”.  


Nicki is writing her first book which will change the readers way of life and thinking when she has finished her writing ( November-December 2018) .

This is her first book written by herself ,no ghost writing. Nicki will be opening up her many life stories of  a to z adversities from childhood to 2018. These are Nicki's own valuable life lessons she wants to share  with everyone to help uplift others, to tell those who are going through what she has gone through they are not alone and how to fight through their challenges and sufferings in their own right but with the additional benefit on knowing how Nicki overcame her ordeals.

Nicki brings joy and happiness to others.Her presence is profound because she doesn't judge and is a great listener. Nicki is first to admit she is not perfect. She is always learning into finding ways to keep improving herself. She makes mistakes just like everyone else. She has bad days and good days. But the bonus with Nicki is she is not selfish, when she  achieves her goals, she happily shares how she got through her difficult obstacles and stages to achieve and explains on all her different roles and services she offers as outlined on the page . Nicki firmly believes she has been given another chance by God , a blessing delivered through her daughter to continue serving her God by helping others through using all her talents. 

Nicki learnt she has to always adapt and be flexible with using different platforms to reach wider audiences to achieve her  own goals and to help others. This is why you'll probably now understand  and why Nicki takes on too much work because she really does put her heart and soul in everything she does.

The one life lesson that took 35 years years to learn is the word NO. Nicki no longer feels guilty to say NO because you must not over load other wise what your doing becomes less productive. 



The book is about Nicki's challenging life story that turned into a self healing book for others to read when its ready to be published. 

Nickis book will also have never before seen pictures throughout the chapters to give you a depth of understanding in order to connect with Nicki at that time-scene-setting of her story . this will hopefully help the readers feel what Nicki was going through at that time then to process the reasoning behind why she doesn't blame anyone now that she is a adult . Nickis 6 years of studying Child Psychology has helped, with the various forms of therapy  she has endured. This really has  enabled Nicki to explore her childhood and adulthood trauma to be able to write her harrowing and torment suffering in a book without spirally backwards. Nicki really has come far.

To accomplish typing this page and all  designing her own website  all by herself is a big achievement for me, sorry for Nicki Remember being Dyslexic Nicki was told she would be incapable of an education !! If Nicki can do it so can YOU!!


Now have a look at Nicki's pages  to find out more about Nicki and brows her social media sites for her recent inspiration as Fashion and Beauty Blogger.

Nicki has been approached by overwhelming amount of fashion, beauty and cosmetic brands to try out their products and share to them on her social media platforms. Have a look on You Tube and Instagram on the top right hand corner  which products Nicki enjoys using and her detailed reviews on Wheelchair accessibility living and lifestyle on her Tumblr Blog -top right hand of this page.

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