Nicki Donnelly is a Mother, Former Police Officer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Freelance fitness Model, Disability Advocate, Human Rights Activist, Child and Family Profiler and volunteers at her Local Catholic Church. Nicki has vast amount of knowledge and invaluable experiences.

Despite being Dyslexic as a child, Nicki continued to defy others and believed in herself to have an education. With her struggles she managed  a successful education and qualifications as  Child Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant, Fitness and Nutrition Trainer, Make Up Artist, Book Keeping, Public Speaking and Leadership . Nicki also received 6 bravery commendations whilst in her Police Service and upon her retirement she received Exemplary Character of Service. Nicki received recognition of her work and for the service she gave to her country from the Birmingham Lord Mayor Inspirational Role Model Award.

Nicki decided to turn her everyday challenges into a way to educate others into her life and give others the awareness they would not normally have or experiences from a spinal cord injury victim with a journey full of barriers, obstacles and the persistence to live and succeed. Nicki's goal is to be heard, seen and treated as a human being.

"No person should have their freedom of choice  taken away, human rights includes people with disabilities " Nicki Donnelly. is a Paralysed Motivated Mother on a mission dedicated to providing emotional, professional and educational support services for individuals with spinal cord injuries, childrens, adults, educational establishments, community events, corporate events, insurance/law firms, medical and neurorehabilitation /physiotherapy clinics both for the public and private practices.

Nicki is able to tailor her work to assist where it is needed most. With her in depth, personal and financial investment put into her public figure talks ,the knowledge and tools given to you will enable children,adults ,medical teams and all forms of businesses to a positive improved educated mindset to a better quality of life results and satisfaction.

Nicki's Challenges


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​​Motivational Keynote Speaker / Accessibility & Disability Consultant

In 2016, Nicki launched on her social media sites Stories of her everyday challenges that are never seen or heard of as a way to educate others in her real spinal cord injury life. Use Nicki's site  to share survival stories and inspire others. Help Nicki raise spinal cord injury awareness.

Nicki is currently in the process of writing her first book about her real life experiences as ROBOCOP, coming to terms with her wheelchair life and for the very first time she will talk about her personal emotional story that has never been told in depth to the media.