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From Birmingham Race Event:

Birmingham Mail, "A real life Robocop,A true role model  "

Great Run, "Birmingham's very own Superhero RoboGirl" (-PR/Press)

Rita Ora , "... pleasure to meet a inspiring woman and  mother " Finding ways to be social inorder to accept my spinal cord injury and learning the hard way of barriers with accessibility. This Image also shows I am not wearing any make up, my wrist are fractured and I'm using electric wheelchair.

Quote from one  founder Member from Bits and Pretzels, translated from german "... Inspired to meet Nicki , her emotional talk on stage was from the heart. She  was the perfect  story to tell next from Kevin Spaceys cue. It was a pirvelage to be around Nicki.

Daniel Ramamoorthy, Presenter of the Main Stage , " Nicki, You rocked the stage, it was awesome to have met you. You  owned the stage, robogirl!" 


Images are not airbrushed/filtered. Good makeup and good lighting only. Images are copyright by Nicki Donnelly. To share them please contact me regarding a donation on my donation pag prior to sharing image and obtaining permission.

MR LJ CONRAIDE, "  You are remarkable woman, a true inspiration to the spinal cord injury community. Your  story  is a psychological need to be heard around the world"

Mr Conraide and his Associates gave the following feedback, "You need to set up a website and continue working as Speaker to help us really understand Your journey to support and assist our patients. Your personal  input and experiences will greatly benefit our services."


Staff who were present at  Speaker roles Booked by Allianze Law FIrm, for Catestrohpic brain injuries cases and spinal cord injuries with the benefits of my role as a Rewalk Ambassador.

" Thank you for doing another emotional and inspirational speech with Allianz. " (Solicitor)

" Nicki You always bring a tear to my eye no matter how many times I hear your emotional story" (physiotherapist)

"you are a role model not just to the disabled community but to everyone including our teams, " (Neurosurgeon and Neuropsychiatrist)

 Nicki did not communicate with this law firm and did not meet with the CEO and Partner of the  "Law Firm"  to discuss her talk prior to her speaker booking for the new law firm that work with Allianz.  The dedicated Partner Law Firm's working with Allianz are not permitted to be named due to confidentiality clauses of on going ReWalk Exoskeleton Technology  Claim Cases

  ".. a perfect candidate for using a Exoskeleton Technology. Ms Donnelly makes a expert testimonial case and spokesperson in meeting all the criteria's and  conditions set to win catastrophic brain injuries  cases. It must said finding the right candidates can now be measured with an  example of Nicki , and I thank you for your confirmation on the accuracy of these facts.

Nicki beautifully captured herself as a Elegant model, as one of her icons and inspiration,  Audrey Hepburn . Nicki has always loved her art, history and traditional themes of real substance of talent and work. 

This image like many has a story to tell. Nicki shares some of her personal images with you for you  on her guest page for you to  be more aware and understand her initial stages of accepting Spinal Cord Injury and all the symptoms and difficulties she had to face to understand what her body was going through. Though you may say her hair looks fabulous, Nicki actually lost all her hair through alopecia . Her muscle mass rapidly wasted away and Nicki found it really hard to be seen and use a wheelchair not just for physical reasons but also physhological and mental wellbeing reasons . This Image is Nicki's first stages of grief letting go of her able body and accepting her new body with all the barriers and obstacles that came with it.

Nicki was always determined to capture images of all her memories in order to begin her spinal cord injury life in order to truly understand what she her self was going through and feeling in order to love herself again. All her images were private collection for Nicki to tell her own story when she was ready to share her own personal story and art of  'loving yourself' . ( these Images will be in Nicki's Book in continuity of her story telling)

Jenny Archer MBE ( Weir-Archer Paralymipic Traning Academy,London uk,

" Nik is a hidden beauty, A accolade waiting to come out in her own time."

".. I can honestly say you are a light that will only get brighter over the years, shining everywhere. You are a role model in your own making, a path and level created for others to work towards .. "

Nik may not be able to professionally compete (due to her debilitating medication and health conditions )  as a my athlete but it doesn't stop her from trying and inspiring the children in everything that she does. She is one dedicated hardworking woman on a mission to change lives even if It  literally breaks her." 

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Routes Hair Extension,

"It is a honour to know Nicki, She was a Police Officer now model changing the world as an Inspiration to us all.

She won best Creative image award and  became one of our feature model for our Brand as our way to  thank her and recognise her talent . "

COLIN JACKSON direct tweet  " you are very inspirational to me."

Newmobility Magazine, "Model Nicki won us with capturing  a timeless image".  (feature model for competition)

Motivational Keynote Speaker / Accessibility & Disability Consultant